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  • Omar Duarte

    Omar Duarte

  • Francisco Sánchez

    Francisco Sánchez

    Interactive producer, graphic artist, animator, photographer, writer, musician; efcos.me :) Joy to all.

  • Joana Deluca Kleis

    Joana Deluca Kleis

    I’m a software developer passionate about DevOps, Software Testing and good practices. I appreciate quality, readability and maintainability.

  • Christopher Todd Shoff

    Christopher Todd Shoff

  • Noe Branagan

    Noe Branagan

    Isleño caribeño who loves develop products has a passion for mobile development, education and collaboration. Opinions are my own;

  • Carlos Castellanos

    Carlos Castellanos

    IT Systems Engineer by trade, fatal attraction to Mathematics and pleasantly tormented by life’s why-abouts”

  • Melvin Breton

    Melvin Breton

  • Kuki Bastos

    Kuki Bastos

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